Through my-Device platform, we are offering our custom product design services. We help you to take from the ideas to the product. 

Our Process

1. Requirement Capture

Gather information on the requirements of the product to be developed

2. Feasibility Study

Validation of the product under development to be feasible.

3. Prototype Development

The quicker way of showcasing the working model of the end product.

4. Hardware Design

Hardware design involves Architecture Design, Component selection, BoM creation, schematic and PCB Designs. 

5. Firmware Development

The functionalities required for the device is implemented using the firmware. This provides intelligence to the product under development.

6. Software Development

Every product needs an user interface so that the user interacts with it seamlessly. This aspect is brought out with the software and app that works with the devices.

7. CAD-Enclosure Design

Enclosure forms the outer casing of any design which gives it aesthetic looks and protects all the hardware components from the external world.

8. Product Design

Product design involves multi disciple engineering work to bring out a device that solves any existing problems that the owner of it is trying to solve.

Product Life Cycle Development

Prototype Phase

This phase involves the quick showcasing of the concept. This is executed in a time bound manner achieving the basic, critical functionalities of the device. 

Pilot Phase

Once the Proof of Concept is achieved. The device has to be taken to little broader set of audience with better looks and finish. This phase also serves as user and market validations.

Product Phase

This involves getting into the mass manufacturing stage where the devices are produced with the intent to sell to a much larger audience. 

Our Custom Designs

IIoT Gateways

Industrial Internet of Things Gateway connecting the machines to the cloud. The Gateway for acting like a Modbus TCP Client collecting data from all the PLC’s acting like a TCP Server. It serves the purpose of remote debugging, productivity insights.

Smart IoT AC Controller

A device that monitors the different parameters of the AC to make sure there are no breakdowns by doing a preventive maintenance. Meanwhile also controlling the compressor and helping in the Power Consumption optimization.

Device for Bacterial Growth Rate monitoring

A device to automate the analysis of the growth rate of the bacteria. This eliminated the need for the manual interventions. The growth plot was done using the associated software.

Screen Printing Machine

Semi Automated Pneumatic Actuator control based machine. There are embedded sensors feeding data to the low cost custom controller which controls the various actuators facilitating the printing on the plastic cans.

Welding Rod Decoating Machine

Machine to automate the process of the flux removal from the rejected welding rods. This was implemented to cut down the cost and also reduce the time for the overall procure with lower cost implementations.

Industrial Sensor Automation

To get the information of the productivity in a real time in manufacturing industries. The sensors deployed around the machine would send the data which is analysed in the cloud or the edge gateways to provide productivity informations.

Insert Module for Smart Home Automation

Retrofitting existing switchboards with the insert module to make them smart. With the help of this, one can monitor and control the appliances through a smartphone or by integrating sensors.

Long range outdoor sensor device

Sub GHz based sensor units deployed for the outdoor scenarios like Smart Farms and the collectors units connected to the system. This system analyses the data to generate the insights into various environmental conditions.

Want us to develop a device for you

If you have a product idea in you and want to bring this to the physical reality, we can work with you to understand your requirements. We can help you get the device done as per your expectations.