Yu-Link Blue

We specialize in providing cutting-edge Bluetooth wireless technology solutions to meet the ever-growing demand for seamless and convenient connectivity. Bluetooth has become an integral part of our daily lives, enabling wireless communication between devices and creating a network of interconnected systems. With our expertise in Bluetooth technology, we offer a wide range of solutions designed to enhance connectivity, streamline operations, and drive innovation.

Key features of the platform

Bluetooth Connectivity Solutions

Bluetooth connectivity solutions allows devices to communicate and exchange data wirelessly. Whether you need to connect smartphones, tablets, wearables, or IoT devices, our solutions provide reliable and secure connections without the need of the wires.

IoT Integration

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to revolutionize industries, our Bluetooth solutions enable seamless integration of IoT devices. We provide Bluetooth-enabled sensors, gateways, and connectivity modules that enable devices to connect to cloud platforms, exchange data, and facilitate intelligent decision-making. 

Beacon Technology

Bluetooth beacons have gained popularity in various sectors, including retail, hospitality, and smart cities. Our beacon solutions enable proximity-based marketing, indoor navigation, and location-based services. With our beacon technology, you can engage customers, enhance visitor experiences, and optimize operations in diverse environments.

Asset Tracking and Indoor Positioning

Yu-Link Blue offers asset tracking and indoor positioning capabilities, allowing you to monitor and locate assets and personnel within your facilities. Whether you’re managing inventory in a warehouse or ensuring safety in a healthcare setting, our Bluetooth-based tracking solutions provide real-time visibility and improved efficiency.

Technical Specifications of the platform

Bluetooth Version  :  5.3

Topology                    :  Mesh

OTA Capabilities     :  Yes

Models Supported : ON/OFF, Level, Sensor, Vendor Models 

Use cases of Yu-Link Blue

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We are passionate about harnessing the power of Bluetooth wireless technology to drive connectivity, efficiency, and innovation. Whether you’re looking to enhance device connectivity, integrate IoT systems, or streamline operations, our Bluetooth solutions have got you covered. Contact us today to explore how our Bluetooth wireless technology solutions can transform your business and propel you into the wireless future.