Yu-Link Max

We specialize in providing advanced Sub-GHz wireless technology solutions that offer long-range connectivity, excellent penetration capabilities, and reliable communication in challenging environments. Sub-GHz wireless technology operates on frequencies below 1 GHz, making it ideal for applications that require extended range, robust coverage, and low power consumption. With our expertise in Sub-GHz wireless technology, we offer a wide range of solutions designed to address your connectivity needs.


Key features of the Platform

Extended Range Connectivity

Sub-GHz wireless technology excels in providing extended range connectivity compared to traditional higher frequency solutions. Whether you need to establish long-range communication links in industrial environments, smart cities, or rural areas, our Sub-GHz solutions enable reliable and efficient data transmission over vast distances, ensuring seamless connectivity across your network.

Penetration and Obstacle Resistance

Sub-GHz wireless technology offers superior penetration capabilities, allowing signals to travel through obstacles such as walls, buildings, and vegetation. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require reliable communication in challenging environments where line-of-sight connectivity is limited. 

IoT Connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized industries, and our Sub-GHz wireless technology solutions seamlessly integrate with IoT ecosystems. Whether you’re implementing smart metering, asset tracking, agriculture monitoring, or industrial automation, our Sub-GHz solutions provide reliable connectivity and data transmission.

Low Power Consumption

Sub-GHz wireless technology is known for its energy-efficient performance, enabling extended battery life for devices and systems. Our solutions leverage low power consumption to optimize energy usage and prolong battery life, making them suitable for battery-operated devices, IoT applications, and remote monitoring systems. 

Technical Specifications of the platform

Frequency  : 868 M Hz

Topology     : Star

Range          : Upto 500m – 1 Km ( Line of Sight )

Use Cases of Yu-Link Max

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We are dedicated to leveraging the power of Sub-GHz wireless technology to enable seamless connectivity and empower your business. Whether you need extended-range communication, reliable IoT connectivity, or efficient data transmission, our Sub-GHz solutions offer the reliability and performance you require. Contact us today to explore how our Sub-GHz wireless technology solutions can transform your connectivity landscape and drive innovation in your industry.