Use-Cases of Yu-Link Blue

Yu-Link Blue is a wireless technology platform offering Bluetooth connectivity solutions. This includes beaconing, Indoor localisation, Smart Home and Industrial Automation applications. Here’s a review of a few of the use cases.

Smart Office

Proximity and localisation in a Bluetooth network can enable

information on productivity. This can help in optimization

of workforce and project planning.

Smart Home Automation

Control and monitor the appliances through a help of Smart phone and integrated sensors for implementing the Smart Home Automation solutions.

Industrial Automation Solutions

Yu-Link Blue network offers significant advantages in industrial automation settings. It enables reliable and scalable networking of devices, making it suitable for large-scale deployments.

Event Management

Yu-Link Blue Solutions offer event registration sites to facilitate data collection for visitor count and stall check-ins. The Bluetooth technology offers a reliable and efficient solution for tracking attendees and monitoring their activities throughout the event.

Yu-Link Blue solutions for the tunnels

Wireless Technologies for places where the cellular networks does not reach

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