Use-Cases of Yu-Link Max

Yu-Link Max is a wireless technology platform from Zilliot offering Sub GHz connectivity solutions. This includes beaconing, outdoor localisation, smart farms, smart city and industrial automation applications.


Some of the use cases deployed so far as a part of its offering include,

Industrial Automation Solutions

Yu-Link MAX networks can help in collecting sensor data from machines and transmitting it to a sub-GHz receiver connected to a system running specialized software for data processing and analysis.

Smart Farms

Sub-GHz wireless technology provides a long-range and robust solution for collecting sensor data, monitoring environmental conditions, managing irrigation systems, and optimizing farm operations

Asset Tracking

Yu-Link MAX technology provides a reliable and long-range communication solution for tracking assets in outdoor and expansive environments, as well as facilitating indoor navigation in complex structures.

Smart City

As cities strive to become more efficient, sustainable, and livable, the deployment of advanced technologies plays a vital role. Yu-Link Max networks offer unique advantages, including long-range coverage, low power consumption, and reliable connectivity, making them an ideal choice for smart city implementations.

Underwater Sensors

Yu-Link MAX can be advantageous for underwater applications 

where cellular networks are not available.

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