Use-Cases of Zense

Zense Sensor Technology platform offers customizations for sensors, as per industrial requirements. The sensors accommodated on the Zense platform include Temperature Sensors, Non-Contact Temperature Sensors, IR Grid Array Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Motion Detection Sensors, Light Sensors, NIR Spectrum Sensors, Ultra Violet (UV) Sensors, Visible Spectrum Sensors and other sensors as required.



Here’s a review of some of the R&D projects of Zilliot, where sensors have been developed to resolve different problems.

Detecting Artificial fruit ripening agents

A sensor package to detect the chemicals using the NIR Spectrum analysis. The device is portable and battery-operated, which can be

used to analyse the presence of arsenic content in fruits, mainly bananas, mangoes etc. With the help of this solution, Consumers

are able to purchase naturally ripened fruits.

Detect Adulteration in Edible Oil

A sensor device was developed to detect presence of mineral oil

in coconut oil. The device is portable and battery-operated and

tells the purity of coconut oil. This is based on Spectral Sensors with other AI/ML algorithms running to detect the presence of the adulterant. Since the consumption of good oil is a major concern when it comes to fried food served in restaurants, the device developed helps address the concern.

Automate the monitoring of the bacterial growth rate

This is a sensor package to automate the process of monitoring

the growth rate of bacteria in lab experiments. Monitoring the growth

rate of bacteria was earlier done by a manual process of iteratively

measuring through a colorimeter, recording and plotting the graph to

analyse the growth rate. With the sensor device that was developed, manual experimentation of growth rate was not required anymore.

Detecting room occupancy to optimize power consumption

This is a sensor package developed for detecting presence using IR

Grid Array and integrating it into the wireless network, which can

control actuators for operating LED bulbs. Thus, provisioning for a

smart power appliance control system for optimization of power consumption. Further customisation is possible to include, HR/SPO2, Colour sensor, and Wire Temperature sensor too.

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